Permission Partners With Amasa

Permission.io partners with Amasa

Permission is delighted to announce a new partnership with Amasa. Aligning with Permission’s mission to empower users to own and earn from their data, Amasa is a Web 3 and DeFi platform that enables users to capture and capitalize on the wealth-building potential of micro-income streams and DeFi.

In this collaboration, Amasa users will be able to combine their Permission income with other background streams, then amplify this combined value via DeFi. Permission and Amasa will collaborate on technical integration opportunities to maximize income potential for users, and Permission looks forward to expanding its network of like-minded projects through Amasa’s Web 3 platform.

“Partnering with Amasa is right in line with our shared vision of truly empowering people to own and earn from their data – this connection serves to speed up the process for consumers who are now producers in Web 3” says Bobby Petersen, Permission’s VP of Marketing.

About Amasa
By building the world’s first micro income stream investment app, Amasa is working to inspire mass adoption of Web 3.0 platforms that reward participants for their gaming, time, energy, attention, content, data and interactions.

About the Author
Permission is a consumer-first platform powered by the cryptocurrency ASK. We make it easy for you to own and be paid for your time and data while engaging with the web as you normally do.
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