It’s fun to be in Permission.io because you can earn free ASK and are able to shop with it. Come join us and you will be happy you did.

Rachael Agbaje

Shop while you earn on the best decentralized online shopping place known to mankind.

Ubani Iheanyichukwu

Permission.io is an amazing Web3 blockchain company that is bringing real value to the consumer. I have watched it evolve since the inception and am very proud to be on board and helping to build the community and infrastructure. Amazing!

Randall Hughes

For the first time in a long time my data now has value, thanks to Mr. Silver and everyone behind the Permission.io mission, God bless.

Augustine Blibo

ASK is a unique cryptocurrency which has a huge project that lets you earn and build the promising future while relaxing on your preferred chair. Enjoy watch & earn – shop & earn with your friends and family.

Mohamed Ibrahim Fadl Algebiely

I am positive that Permission.io will definitely become the next big thing and might even surpass the likes of amazon and facebook in the ecommerce industry as this is only one that consents to use and compensates users data, time and attention. This is a must see and highly recommended project!!!

Lorelie Dejano

Permission is a new and strong contender for data economy.

Hamid Tehrani

Its an amazing opportunity to shop with a cryptocurrency online. In few years from now, the Permission coin will be competing with other bigger coins like Bitcoin due to the problem Permission intends on solving.

Daniel Ovie

Permission.io has brought light on the problems facing me with online shopping (“from other” online shopping sites,) like unnecessary ads, lack of tracking information e.t.c. This was like working for them for free. Thank you Permission.io for the gifts and rescue brought.

Victor Kipkurui Murei
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