I love watching Permission.io evolve from its inception. I love helping to build the platform through my feedback and constant involvement as the platform and offerings expand. I love the inclusive nature of the founders of Permission.io and the fact that everyone “has a seat at the table”. Long vision will allow you to see that Permission.io is definitely a contender to ecommerce as we know it today.

Randall Hughes

For the first time in a long time my data now has value, thanks to Mr. Silver and everyone behind the Permission.io mission, God bless.

Augustine Blibo

I am positive that Permission.io will definitely become the next big thing and might even surpass the likes of amazon and facebook in the ecommerce industry as this is only one that consents to use and compensates users data, time and attention. This is a must see and highly recommended project!!!

Lorelie Dejano

Its an amazing opportunity to shop with a cryptocurrency online. In few years from now, the Permission coin will be competing with other bigger coins like Bitcoin due to the problem Permission intends on solving.

Daniel Ovie

Permission.io has brought light on the problems facing me with online shopping (“from other” online shopping sites,) like unnecessary ads, lack of tracking information e.t.c. This was like working for them for free. Thank you Permission.io for the gifts and rescue brought.

Victor Kipkurui Murei

This project stands out from others for its realism and excellent qualities of the team, which is focused on achieving real results. I am confident in the success of this project.

Sarfealam Soheb Shaikh

I personally like the fact that the project is still very young, but has already established itself in many communities as very reliable and promising. A unique opportunity to both earn ASK and use them when purchasing a very large assortment of goods on the site. I also like the fact that new functions are constantly being introduced, which further help to love this project. I have already told all my friends about the project and everyone likes it very much. Good luck to you!

Roman Kaut

Permission.io is the best project I’ve ever engaged with. Starting from the use of the website to watch videos and earn ASK token, to shopping on the same site for various products with earned tokens and free of shipping cost have all been amazing. There’s no crypto project that has ever surpassed the achievement of the permission team… I’ve earned more ASK tokens than any other Alt coins in the cryptospace conveniently from the comfort of my home. Thanks for all these, you guys are great.

Akinmade Richard

Permission.io has taken a great step towards liberating internet users from the annoying bad ad mafia. The idea of filtering out third-party cookies and allowing only good cookies, with the motto of respecting user personal data and enhancing the user experience will provide a great deal of protection of ownership and sovereignty of internet users… With Permission.io every internet user could proclaim ‘My data. My right.’

Ruben Arava
Web3 Advertising will be built on Permission.