Data and Blockchain Technology

blockchain explorer
Blockchain Explorer

Use’s ASK coin cryptocurrency Blockchain Explorer to search transactions and addresses for all activities within the ASK ecosystem.

For Developers
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Run a Permission Node

Starting and operating a Permission sync node is easy!

We’ve produced a simple docker file you can build and run.

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Deploying dApps on Permission

The Permission blockchain is ethereum-like, so building and deploying dApps to the Permission blockchain is extremely simple. We’ll be adding in-depth tutorials soon!

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Permission SDK

Our most-current documentation including useful information for developers like Network and Chain IDs can be found at our Permission SDK site.

data algebra book
Data algebra has powerful implications for the current Digital ID landscape.​
Data Algebra enables interoperability and communication by reducing data mathematically to a universal format that allows for data to be transformed from one implementation standard to the next (cross-chain, cross-national, cross-company, cross-platform).
Patents’s platforms are based on our fundamental innovations in data algebra, a field of applied mathematics. has also built an extensive portfolio of database-optimization patents that support our platforms, including the following: