My Data, My Permission

The Permission Browser Extension enables you to earn rewards when you choose to share your data while browsing the web. By agreeing to share your data in exchange for rewards on the Permission Platform, you’re granting Permission.io your consent to use your data to send you ads and content. Permission.io does not identify you personally to advertisers or sell your data to third parties. Your personal data is used by Permission.io to provide anonymized aggregated data to advertisers and is used to target you in what we intend to be an anonymous way. As a valued member, we will always be transparent about how your data is used, and you can always opt out of the Platform. By continuing, you agree to Permission’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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HELPFUL TIP: Optimize your browsing by pinning Permission to your Chrome toolbar (in your extensions menu, click the pushpin icon to turn it blue.)
Web3 Advertising will be built on Permission.