Frequently Asked Questions

Permission® has created a global cryptocurrency (ASK) that drives a transparent, trustworthy economy, one in which consumer engagement is achieved by asking Permission® rather than by the current interruptive and exploitative commercial norms.

Permission’s mission is to lead the globe toward a Permission-based economy that recognizes the value of an individual’s time and data.   

The name says it all.  The Permission® Marketplace is an e-commerce platform where you can shop knowing your personal information is respected and your engagement is valued.  The marketplace is the first of many opportunities for you to earn and spend ASK.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can shop on the Permission® Marketplace.  Some sellers, however, may not ship everywhere.  A search will show you all of the matching items available for purchase.  When you click on those search results, you will be able to determine if the seller can ship to you. 

Permission is adding new merchants from all over the world every day!

By now it’s no secret that your time and data are extraordinarily valuable.  Instead of giving your time and information away for free, get your piece of the pie by earning ASK on Permission®.

And, unlike the most widely-used e-commerce destinations, Permission will NEVER share your profile information with ANYONE.  That means you have control over WHO you do business with and WHEN you do it. 

Finally, crypto was complicated … until now.  Earning, HODLing, and spending crypto is easy with ASK. 

The Permission® Marketplace is a W3 solution to problems that are currently plaguing the e-commerce industry, namely lack of trust, transparency and declining ROI. 

Permission merchants gain a reputation for valuing their customers’ time and private information, earning the confidence of their customers and developing relationships with each of them that grow stronger with time.  

The Permission blockchain makes transparent what merchants are spending in ASK to reach customers … and the Permission Score ensures that those customers are real.

The Permission® Score is a dynamic, multi-attribute, behavioral-based algorithm of both users and merchants.  The higher the Permission Score, the more valuable the user or merchant is to the marketplace and community and thus the higher the user’s earning potential. 


  1. Create an account at  Search for any item you want to buy.  The amount of ASK you can earn by purchasing is shown on every product search result.
  2. Once your purchased item has been delivered to your door, your ASK will appear in your Pending Balance.  Once a month, your pending balance will be moved to your Permission wallet.
  3. As soon as the ASK from your first purchase is moved to your wallet, you will unlock more ways to earn ASK every time you shop on the Permission Marketplace.

All Permission® community members have an interest in maintaining the integrity of ASK.  The waiting period allows us to validate members and prevent fraud or abuse. 

Fiat currency is inherently opaque and subject to manipulation.  ASK, powered by the Permission Blockchain, provides financial transparency and increases the efficiency of conducting business globally.  Most importantly, ASK can be used in any transaction in which the asking and granting of Permission should be involved.  

No.  ASK is a coin on the independent Permission blockchain.  The Permission blockchain is a fork of Ethereum so ASK is much like Ether.

We encrypt all data when we store it or when we move it.  For user data, we implement a public key/private key infrastructure using AES 256.  The private key is known only to the user.

(2FA) is an added layer of security.

In order to access sensitive information such as your profile or your wallet, you will need to enter a PIN or token provided by an authenticator application.

Currently, we support Authy and Google Authenticator. 

Permission does not currently allow you to spend ASK on the Permission® Marketplace, but our business development efforts and roadmap include offering discounts, gift cards, goods and services in the Permission Store.

Your Permission® account includes a wallet for storing your ASK. Currently, you can withdraw your ASK to a Trezor-controlled wallet via the interface. We will be adding information about additional third party wallets once they are able to support ASK.

BAT pursues a different business model that connects publishers, advertisers, and users. The advertisers place their ads on websites that users visit.  We provide a direct connection between merchants and members.

You can download a copy of your information at any time.

Downloading your information is a password-protected process that only you will have access to.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Once logged in, go to “Settings.” 
  3. In the GDPR section, click “Download my data.
  4. You will be prompted to re-authenticate in order to download your data.
  5. Enter your 2FA code and click “Download.”