Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Permission.io?
What is Permission.io’s Mission?
What is Shop & Earn on Permission.io?
Do I have to live in the U.S. to shop on Permission and earn ASK?
Why should I shop on Permission?
Why should I sell on Permission?
Can advertisers see my personal data?
What is the Permission Score?
How do I earn ASK?
Why is there a waiting period before my ASK appears in my wallet?
Why not use fiat currency instead of ASK?
What is the total supply of ASK?
Is ASK an ERC-20 Token?
What are the Coin Economics for ASK?
How is my data secure?
How long does my ASK stay in pending?
What is Two-Factor Authentication?
What is "KYC"?
Why do I need to KYC?
What do I do if I am having trouble with verifying my identity (KYC)?
Can I spend my ASK on Permission.io?
What other wallets support ASK?
How do I create an ASK Metamask Wallet?
Why was my account suspended?
How Do I Download My Personal Information?
Can I unsuspend my account?
What Makes ASK Unique?
What happens if I have money in my Permission wallet and my computer crashes or is stolen or lost?
What can I do with ASK?

Browser Extension

How can I best learn about the browser extension?
Why should I download the browser extension?
What is the link to download the extension?
Does this work on Mobile devices?
Does the extension work in incognito/private mode?
Is the extension available only for Chrome browser?
Are my passwords safe?
What time does the browser extension ‘reset’ daily?
Is there any limit of videos the user can watch using the browser extension?
What is the reward for each video?
What websites does the browser extension work on?
If I am experiencing a problem with the browser extension, what should I do?
How do I leave a positive review about the browser extension?

Shop & Earn

When Will I Receive My Order?
What Is Your Shipping Policy?
What Is Your Return Policy?
What Do I Do If I Didn't Receive My Order?
Why Didn’t I Receive An Order Confirmation?
Can I Spend My ASK On Shop & Earn?
Why Should I Shop On Shop & Earn?

Data Algebra

What is Data Algebra?
Is it Data Algebra like relational algebra?
What is the basic “atom” of data?
What can Data Algebra be used for?
Where has it been applied?
Where is it currently in use?


What does PermissionQE stand for?
What is the PermissionQE Project?
Is it an open-source project?
Why did Permission.io not simply use existing data integration tools?
Will Permission.io be using Data Algebra in this project?
Who will use PermissionQE?
Which data sources will the query engine be able to access?
How does the Query Engine work?
Does it provide a data analysis capability?


Does Permission have a Referral Program?
Are there any earning limits to the referral program?
How do I earn ASK by referring my friends to Permission?
How can I see how much ASK I earned from referrals?

Ambassador Program

Does Permission have an Ambassador Program?

Influencer Program

Does Permission have an Influencer Program?
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