Update on Permission Blockchain Migration

Thank you to all members of the Permission community who have already migrated their ASK to Polygon!

Permission is pleased to share that the move to Polygon has progressed smoothly since we announced our partnership with Polygon and commenced the migration on May 24, 2022. The migration is approaching full completion after nearly a year of Permission users and ASK holders successfully migrating their tokens from the Permission blockchain to the Polygon network using the ASK Bridge.

The decision to focus our development efforts on Polygon has proven to be the right one, benefitting Permission and its community in a number of ways: fast, low-cost transactions, ease of integrations across wallets, and access to the vast Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. Moreover, in the last year, Polygon has solidified its footing as the go-to technology solution for major brands seeking to enter Web3, enabling Permission’s Polygon-based platform to work more effectively with brands seeking to launch large-scale NFT programs and other Web3 strategies for increasing engagement.

For those yet to complete their ASK migration, please note that Permission users and ASK holders who have not yet used the ASK Bridge to migrate their tokens to the Polygon network are encouraged to do so before June 25, 2023. After such date, no exchanges will be supporting the legacy ASK token on the Permission blockchain. Only the ASK token on the Polygon blockchain will continue to be supported by exchanges. Additionally, as the Permission Platform now runs entirely on Polygon, only the withdrawal of ASK tokens on the Polygon chain will be supported. 

Please ensure your ASK is bridged to Polygon ahead of June 25, 2023.

Please note that those holding ASK Tokens on the Polygon Blockchain, or in pending wallets, will not be impacted.

If you need to migrate your ASK, please follow the migration instructions detailed here

Visit our previously published blog here for further information relating to the ASK bridge, and our Polygon Bridge FAQs page for additional assistance.

For further questions related to the ASK Bridge or Permission platform, please email support@permission.io, and our support team will be happy to assist you.

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