Permission Becomes Founding Member of Data Privacy Protocol Alliance (DPPA)

Permission is proud to announce that it is a founding member of the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance (DPPA) alongside BIGtoken, CasperLabs, Own Your Data Foundation, SQream, First Rate, Tapmydata, and more.

The DPPA is a group of organizations that have banded together to build a new decentralized data ecosystem that puts consumers in control of their data and competes against the entrenched data monopolies.

Ownership of our personal data will be a fundamental cornerstone of a future where data is owned by the individual and data monetization is possible. Together, we are collaborating to define universal standards of data usage, privacy and implement a decentralized data privacy blockchain that can ensure adherence to the policies set.

“Our data is still held captive and by an oligopoly of tech giants that rule over the data economy,” expressed Charlie Silver, CEO of Permission.io. “Partnering together with other companies that believe in the same values is the best way to return Data Ownership to the individual and move into the Web3 era.”

The entire Permission team is thankful to the leaders at BIGtoken and CasperLabs for spearheading this effort, which has allowed our like-minded companies to rally around a single cause. We believe that when individuals are given tools that empower them to individually choose how their data is shared and monetized, data privacy becomes a non-issue and justice prevails.

For more information, please visit the Data Privacy Protocol Alliance (DPPA) website.

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