How to Perform KYC in your Permission.io account

Welcome to the KYC journey!

As a returning user or as a new member, we are pleased to invite you to our KYC process. 

Completion of KYC allows you to move your Pending ASK to your Permission Wallet and to use your coins. This is where the fun begins!

Where to start?

You have to Sign in and then to go to your Wallet (My Permission / My Wallet)

Your wallet should look like this: 

Click on the hyperlink, “here” and you will land on the Settings page (Security tab): 

Identity Verification

In the second part of the page, you will find the Identity Verification process: 

To complete Step 1, you have the choice to take a picture of yourself with your device or to upload an image. Select the corresponding button. 

Please, pay attention to the specific requirements for the picture: 

  • Clear photograph of yourself from the chest up, with your face completely uncovered

  • In your hand and also visible, you should hold a sheet of paper with the label “Permission” and the current date

  • You should also hold in your hand the ID you will use for the process. 

To complete Step 2, you have the choice to take a picture of your ID or to upload an image of it. Select the corresponding button. In some cases, you will need to provide 2 pictures of your ID (front and back).

Tips for a successful Identity Verification Submission

We know that taking pictures can be challenging. Here are some tips for a successful identity verification submission:

Good lighting

Good lighting helps to achieve better OCR results. If the image is too dark or too bright, the document might not be processed successfully.​

Avoid reflections

Glares and reflections interfere with processing and reduce data extraction accuracy. We recommend not to use the flash of your mobile device when capturing document images.

Focus and sharpness

Make sure the image is clear and there are no blurred areas.


The tilt angle of the document should not exceed 10 degrees in any direction (horizontal or vertical).

Margins (too small)

Make sure there is minimal space around the document. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.

Margins (too big)

Make sure the space around the document does not take up more than 20-30% of the image. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.


The document should be in clear contrast to the background. A light-colored document on a light background, as well as a dark-colored document on a dark background, might not be recognized.

Resolution of the image

To achieve a good quality of recognition of identification documents, we recommend that you provide images captured by a camera with a resolution of at least Full HD (1920×1080) and autofocus.​

Extraneous objects

Make sure your hands or other objects do not cover document data.

Once you have provided your documents, select the button, “Submit Verification.” 

Submission Results


If the photos you have provided are not accepted, you will get this message:

Please review the ‘Tips for a Successful Identity Verification Submission’ section and resubmit your photos.


If the photos you provided are accepted, you will see the following acknowledgment:

You will also receive an email notifying you that you have correctly submitted your ID Verification.

When you open your wallet again, you will see that your identity verification still needs a final approval:

You will receive another email when your identity verification is complete. You will then be able to transfer your Pending ASK to your Permission Wallet.

If you need help transferring to your wallet, please check out this post: How to Transfer Your ASK from Pending to Your Permission Wallet

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