Exchanging Your ASK Cryptocurrency for Products on the Shop With ASK Marketplace: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Do you have a pile of ASK cryptocurrency burning a hole in your wallet?

In this article, we’re going to show you the ins and outs of exchanging your ASK cryptocurrency for the products you want. We’ve recently integrated with MyCryptoCheckout to automate the entire process of exchanging your ASK for products on the Shop With ASK marketplace, and we’ve also enhanced the selection of what you can purchase with ASK, so follow along with each step to start spending your ASK today!

Let’s begin by navigating over to the Permission.io homepage.

Permission Homepage

In the top right corner, you will see Shop With ASK — click this link to be taken to the current products in our marketplace that you can purchase with ASK:

Permission Products

From there, you can see the full catalog of products, the prices below each item and if they are in stock. We are currently featuring Permission.io branded items, and we are continually working to increase the selection of globally available products, so be sure to check back regularly!

Click the Select Options button below the item you want. I’m going to select a large black hoodie as an example for this guide. Then, click Add To Cart.

Permission Hoodie

Once you’re finished shopping, click on the cart icon in the upper right corner of the product or category page.

A sidebar will appear to make sure you have the right item(s) in your cart — from there select View Cart.

Shop With ASK Cart

There’s our hoodie, complete with the ASK price and the options we selected. From here we can also adjust our quantities or remove items from the cart. Once you’ve verified that everything is correct, hit Proceed To Checkout.

You’ll be presented with a form to input your billing and shipping information. Please ensure this is filled out in its entirety and double check to make sure the shipping address is correct. Then, look to the right to confirm the details a final time. You’ll notice that ASK is selected as the default payment option for your convenience. Hit Place Your Order to be taken to the ASK exchange instructions:

Send ASK Crypto

Here is where it gets fun! You’ll see the spend amount for the items that you ordered and the instructions for sending it to a specific wallet address in order to complete your payment. Copy this information accurately (convenient copy buttons located to the right of the right next to the amount total and the wallet address), and click the link on step 1 below, which will take you directly to your wallet after logging into My.Permission.io. Once logged-in and in your wallet section, simply select the Send ASK option. Please note: you have 2 hours for the payment to process, so make sure that you complete this step in a timely manner to ensure your order completes.

ASK Crypto Wallet

Here, you will enter the address and the spend amount. Be certain to double-check the details. This process cannot be reversed, so accuracy is key. Once everything looks accurate, enter the password for your wallet, and click Send.

Show With ASK Order Completion

Navigate back over to the checkout page where you got the wallet address and spend amount. Our checkout process automatically pings the Permission blockchain explorer every 15 seconds to verify transactions. In short time, the page will reload with a green check mark indicating that payment has been received, at which point your order will be automatically sent to one of our warehouses around the world to be fulfilled. You’ll then receive an email confirmation, and your very own Permission.io gear will soon be on its way! Pretty neat, huh?!

Now you know how to spend the ASK that you’ve earned for your time and data shared on the Permission platform! Stay tuned as we update the Shop With ASK marketplace with more products, and make sure to join our TelegramFacebook, and Twitter to keep up with the latest @ Permission.io!

Robin Bloor
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Robin Bloor Ph D. is the Technology Evangelist for Permission.io. He was the founder and leading light of Bloor Research, in the UK and later The Bloor Group in the US, both prominent technology analyst companies. He is a published author, a frequent blogger and an acknowledged expert in many areas of IT. His books include The Algebra of Data and The “Common Sense” of Crypto Currency.
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