ASK Bridge Now Live + Polygon Network

The ASK Bridge to the Polygon network is now live and available to use.

As previously announced, Permission is migrating ASK from the legacy Permission Network to the Polygon Network. An ASK Bridge has launched today for individuals to port their ASK tokens over.

Please note, we currently recommend to using the bridge on a desktop instead of mobile device.

For those unfamiliar with Polygon, here is a useful explainer video on the Polygon Network. Permission is thrilled to be migrating to Polygon, as we strongly believe the move will accelerate our goal of empowering users worldwide to own and monetize their data. For those that hold ASK, we believe that this migration will allow us to expand the use cases for ASK by enabling interoperability with the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.


As an ASK holder, you are invited to transfer your ASK over to the Polygon Network so that you may continue to enjoy all of the benefits of the Permission Platform once the migration is complete. The transfer involves a swap between the legacy ASK token and ASK on Polygon at a 1:1 ratio.

To get started, simply navigate to the ASK Bridge and follow the prompts. We have also created a video guide and a set of instructions to walk you through the process.


To be clear, if your Wallet Balance is empty, then there is no need to migrate. ASK can safely stay in pending and will be able to be withdrawn directly onto the Polygon Network after the migration. Only if you currently have ASK in your Wallet Balance does Permission suggest that you migrate it over to the Polygon Network. We cannot migrate your ASK for you, so you must do it yourself.

Migration Details


The migration period is currently ongoing, and will continue for as long as deemed necessary, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to migrate their ASK to Polygon. During this period, ASK holders are welcome to use the ASK Bridge to transfer their ASK to the Polygon Network, where Permission plans to focus our future development efforts.


Naturally, we are aware that this migration to Polygon will affect the exchanges on which ASK is currently trading. Please note the below information is provided solely as a means of anticipating inquiries related to how the migration will impact ASK trading on various exchanges, and not as a solicitation or encouragement of exchange trading in any way:

If you hold ASK on these exchanges:

  • Bitrue
  • Gate.io

No action is needed on your part as they will migrate your ASK for you. Simply understand that when you withdraw your ASK from the exchange, you will automatically be withdrawing the Polygon version. Additionally, trading may be down for up to a week while they update the listing.

If you hold ASK on these exchanges:

  • Vitex
  • BitGlobal

At this time, these exchanges will not be supporting the Polygon ASK token. If you wish to migrate your ASK to Polygon, your ASK will need to be withdrawn to your Permission wallet or MetaMask and then use the ASK Bridge.

Getting Started With ASK On Polygon

Once you have migrated, your ASK can be used throughout the entire Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems! If you have never explored the depths of the wide world of crypto before and are wondering where to start, we have some info you may find interesting.

For starters, we have a blog on What Polygon Is & How To Use It. Next, you may find it helpful to watch this MetaMask tutorial if you aren’t already familiar with how it works.

Additionally, for a list of Polygon-supported hardware and software wallets, please visit this page.

You can also now transfer your ASK to the Ethereum mainnet using the Polygon Bridge. Instructions on how to use the Polygon bridge can be found here.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our updated FAQs regarding the Polygon migration for more information. And, if you still can’t find what you are looking for there, contact our support team.

For verification purposes, our official token contract address is: 0xaA3717090CDDc9B227e49d0D84A28aC0a996e6Ff

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